NL West Teams by State 2024

Arizona Diamondbacks

This franchise joined the National League West as an expansion team in 1998. Since then, the Arizona Diamondbacks have been one of the more successful expansion and National League West teams and have contended for more than a few NL West titles.

Colorado Rockies

In the thin air of Colorado, the Colorado Rockies organization has become infamous for the long ball. This expansion team joined the National League West division in 1993. The Rockies' organization has been very successful since its inception and has made one World Series appearance.

Los Angeles Dodgers

Arguably the most famous of the NL West teams, and one of three California NL West teams, the Dodgers have a long and storied history. As a founding member of the National League West division, the Los Angeles Dodgers are no strangers to success, with more than a few titles under their belt.

San Diego Padres

Another one of the original members of the National League West division is the San Diego Padres. The Padres not only boast a beloved professional sports team in the city of San Diego but also have one of the most perfect climates for the game.

San Francisco Giants

The third California team and another founding member of the NL West division is the San Francisco Giants. In addition to being another one of the most popular franchises in Major League Baseball, the Giants have also been in title contention more than a few times, including three titles in the 2000s.

NL West Teams by State 2024