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Orange Production by State 2024

Orange Production by State 2024

When it comes to orange production in the United States, the spotlight shines primarily on three states: California, Florida, and Texas. These states dominate the orange industry, collectively contributing the vast majority of oranges grown in the country. California leads the pack, boasting a staggering production volume of approximately 45.8 million units. Following closely behind is Florida, with a substantial output of around 20.5 million units. Texas, although producing significantly less compared to California and Florida, still plays a notable role in the industry, contributing around 950,000 units.

The prominence of these three states in orange production can be attributed to several factors, including climate, soil quality, and agricultural infrastructure. California's Mediterranean climate, characterized by mild, wet winters and hot, dry summers, provides ideal conditions for orange cultivation. Florida's subtropical climate, with its warm temperatures and abundant rainfall, also fosters optimal growing conditions for oranges. Additionally, the rich, fertile soils found in these states, coupled with sophisticated irrigation systems and well-established farming practices, further support robust orange production. As a result, California, Florida, and Texas stand out as the primary hubs of orange cultivation in the United States, contributing significantly to both the domestic market and exports.

Orange Production by State 2024

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Orange Production 2024 (boxes)
United States67.3M