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Papaya Production by State 2024

Papaya Production by State 2024

Papaya production significantly contributes to Hawaii's agricultural sector and economy. According to the Hawaii Department of Agriculture, papaya farming occupies around 1,000 acres of agricultural land in the state. This not only provides employment opportunities for local residents but also stimulates economic activity, particularly in rural areas where many papaya farms are situated. Additionally, Hawaii's papaya industry plays a vital role in the state's export market, with papayas being a notable export crop. In fact, Hawaii's papaya exports were valued at approximately $11 million in 2020, according to the Hawaii Department of Agriculture's Agricultural Statistics report.

On a broader scale, the United States ranks among the top papaya-producing countries globally, thanks in large part to Hawaii's production. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations, the United States accounted for about 10% of global papaya production in 2020. While countries like Brazil, India, and Mexico lead in papaya production volume, Hawaii's unique varieties and high-quality fruit contribute to the country's reputation as a producer of premium papayas. This positions the United States favorably in the global papaya market, catering to both domestic demand and export markets.

Papaya Production by State 2024

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Papaya Production 2022 (tons)
United States11.7M