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Plum Production by State 2024

Plum Production by State 2024

In the United States, plum production is primarily concentrated in California, where ideal climate conditions and fertile soil contribute to abundant harvests. California stands out as the leading producer of plums, with the majority of the nation's plum supply originating from orchards across the state. This singular focus on California underscores the state's significance in the plum industry and highlights its agricultural prowess.

California's dominance in plum production is not only due to its conducive climate but also its cultivation of various plum varieties, each offering unique flavors and characteristics. Among the most well-known plum cultivars grown in California are:

  1. Santa Rosa: Renowned for its vibrant purple skin and sweet, juicy flesh, Santa Rosa plums are versatile fruits used for fresh consumption, canning, and cooking.
  1. Satsuma: With deep red skin and a firm, juicy texture, Satsuma plums offer a slightly tart flavor profile, making them ideal for eating fresh or preserving.
  2. Burbank: Developed by Luther Burbank, Burbank plums feature medium to large-sized fruits with sweet and tangy flavor, perfect for fresh consumption or processing into jams and sauces.
  3. Shiro: This Japanese variety boasts golden-yellow skin and a sweet, mild flavor, making it suitable for various culinary uses, including fresh eating, drying, and cooking.
  1. Elephant Heart: Recognizable for their large, heart-shaped appearance and dark purple skin, Elephant Heart plums are prized for their rich, sweet-tart flavor, ideal for fresh consumption and desserts.

Plum Production by State 2024

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