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Raspberry Production by State 2024

Raspberry Production by State 2024

Raspberries, a delicious and versatile fruit, find their primary cultivation centers in just two states within the United States: California and Washington. These two states dominate the national raspberry production scene, with California leading the pack at 65,250 tons and Washington following closely with 24,200 tons. The limited geographical spread of raspberry production in the U.S. is primarily attributed to the specific climatic conditions required for successful cultivation.

Raspberries thrive in temperate climates with well-drained soil and ample sunlight. Both California and Washington offer these ideal conditions, with mild winters and warm, dry summers, facilitating the growth of high-quality raspberries. Moreover, the diverse microclimates within these states allow for year-round production, ensuring a steady supply of raspberries to meet consumer demand.

California's vast agricultural landscape, characterized by fertile valleys and a Mediterranean climate, provides an optimal environment for raspberry cultivation. The state's Central Valley, known as the nation's breadbasket, boasts extensive raspberry farms benefiting from the region's rich soil and favorable weather patterns. Similarly, Washington's Pacific Northwest climate, with its cool, wet winters and warm, dry summers, offers ideal conditions for raspberry bushes to thrive.

Raspberry Production by State 2024

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Raspberry Production 2021 (tons)
United States89,450