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New Jersey

Spinach Production by State 2024

Spinach Production by State 2024

Spinach production in the United States is primarily concentrated in just four states, each contributing significantly to the nation's supply. California, Arizona, Texas, and New Jersey emerge as key players in the cultivation of this leafy green vegetable. The concentration of spinach production in these states can be attributed to various factors, including favorable climatic conditions, agricultural expertise, and infrastructure.

California, renowned for its fertile soil and Mediterranean climate, leads the pack in spinach production with a substantial output of 6.9 million pounds. The state's Central Valley, known as the breadbasket of the nation, provides optimal conditions for spinach cultivation, ensuring a steady supply of this nutritious vegetable year-round. Similarly, Arizona's arid climate and ample sunshine create ideal environments for spinach farming, contributing to its significant production of 2.1 million pounds.

In addition to the West Coast giants, Texas and New Jersey also play notable roles in spinach production. Texas, with its diverse agricultural landscape and favorable growing conditions, contributes 308,000 pounds to the nation's spinach output. Meanwhile, New Jersey, situated in the heart of the densely populated Northeast, boasts a production of 136,500 pounds, catering to local demand in the region.

Spinach Production by State 2024

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Spinach Production 2022 (cwt)
New Jersey136.5K
United States9.5M