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Sugarcane Production by State 2024

Sugarcane Production by State 2024

Sugarcane production in the United States is primarily concentrated in three states: Florida, Louisiana, and Texas. These states boast significant agricultural infrastructure and favorable climatic conditions that are conducive to sugarcane cultivation.

Florida leads the nation in sugarcane production, with an output of approximately 17.1 million tons annually. The state's warm climate, ample rainfall, and fertile soil make it an ideal location for growing sugarcane. Additionally, Florida's extensive network of irrigation systems further supports robust agricultural yields.

Louisiana follows closely behind Florida in sugarcane production, contributing approximately 13.8 million tons to the national total. Louisiana's subtropical climate, particularly in regions along the Mississippi River Delta, provides optimal conditions for sugarcane cultivation. The state's rich alluvial soils and well-established sugarcane industry also play significant roles in its high production levels.

Texas, although producing a smaller quantity compared to Florida and Louisiana, still contributes to the nation's sugarcane output, with approximately 368,000 tons annually. While Texas has a more limited area suitable for sugarcane cultivation compared to Florida and Louisiana, certain regions, particularly in the southern part of the state, benefit from favorable growing conditions and irrigation infrastructure.

Sugarcane Production by State 2024

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Sugarcane Production 2023 (tons)
United States31.3M