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North Carolina

Sweet Potato Production by State 2024

Sweet Potato Production by State 2024

Sweet potato production in the United States is primarily concentrated in three states: North Carolina, California, and Mississippi. These states boast optimal environmental conditions that are conducive to the cultivation of sweet potatoes, allowing them to emerge as leaders in the industry.

Sweet potatoes thrive in warm climates with well-drained, sandy soils, making states like North Carolina ideal for their cultivation. North Carolina's mild winters and long, warm growing seasons provide the perfect environment for sweet potatoes to flourish, contributing to its substantial production output of 16.1 million tons.

Similarly, California's Mediterranean climate and fertile agricultural lands make it well-suited for sweet potato cultivation. With a production output of 7.2 million tons, California's Central Valley region serves as a major hub for sweet potato farming, benefitting from ample sunshine and irrigation resources.

Mississippi, with its humid subtropical climate and loamy soils, rounds out the trio of leading sweet potato-producing states. Its warm temperatures and ample rainfall provide optimal growing conditions for sweet potatoes, resulting in a production output of 4.5 million tons.

Sweet Potato Production by State 2024

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Sweet Potato Production 2022 (cwt)
North Carolina16.1M