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Tangerine Production by State 2024

Tangerine Production by State 2024

Tangerine production in the United States is primarily concentrated in just two states, namely California and Florida. These states stand out due to their conducive climates and extensive agricultural infrastructure, which are essential factors for successful tangerine cultivation. Tangerines thrive in warm, subtropical climates with well-drained soil, making California and Florida ideal locations for their production.

In California, tangerine cultivation is particularly significant, with an impressive output of 880,000 tons. Known for its vast orchards and diverse agricultural landscape, California produces various tangerine varieties, including the popular Clementine and Murcott tangerines. Similarly, Florida contributes to tangerine production, albeit on a smaller scale, with an output of 26,000 tons.

Tangerine Production by State 2024

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Tangerine Production 2024 (tons)
United States906,000