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Tomato Production by State 2024

Tomato Production by State 2024

Tomatoes are a staple crop in the United States, with California leading the pack in production. The state's optimal climate and extensive farming infrastructure contribute to its dominance in tomato cultivation. Known for its rich agricultural history, California benefits from fertile soil and ample sunshine, providing ideal conditions for tomato farming. Florida follows, although its production pales in comparison to California's output. The Sunshine State's warm climate allows for year-round cultivation, particularly during the winter months when other states face harsher conditions.

Despite the vast tomato production across various states, certain varieties stand out in American cuisine. Beefsteak tomatoes are renowned for their size and robust flavor, making them perfect for slicing in sandwiches or dicing for salsas. Roma tomatoes, with their thick flesh and low seed count, are favored for sauces and canning due to their rich flavor and reduced moisture content. Additionally, cherry tomatoes, especially the sweet grape variety, are popular for their bite-sized appeal and versatility in salads, snacks, and culinary garnishes.

Tomato Production by State 2024

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Tomato Production 2022 (cwt)
United States225,628,000