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What States Have Alligators 2023


While these prehistoric ancestors do roam in parts of the southeast coast of the United States, Virginia is one of the least likely places to encounter alligators but also an answer to the question of what states have alligators?

North Carolina

The farther south along the southeastern coast of the US you travel, the more likely you are to come across a gator. Although alligators aren't necessarily prominent in North Carolina, running across one of these oversized reptiles isn't out of the question.

South Carolina

What states have alligators? Well, like its northern counterpart, South Carolina isn't exactly crawling with gators, but it does offer more marsh and wetlands than its northern brethren. That also equates to a somewhat increased chance of meeting an Alligator in South Carolina too.


There isn't much of a chance of finding an Alligator in Oklahoma - that is at least until you get to the southernmost parts of the state. Here, a gator spotting isn't unheard of, although not very likely. And technically, it is another answer to the what states have alligator questions too.


Much like Oklahoma, large parts of these large states are uninhabitable by alligators. Down by the Rio Grande, however, there is a reasonable chance that if given enough time and if you are paying close attention, you may just find an alligator paying attention too.


A good portion of the state of Alabama is inland, but those places in the state that reach the shoreline and those parts in proximity? Well, they may be gator-friendly. Like most of the states too, that border the Florida Panhandle, there are some swampland and wetlands that create potential conditions for alligator inhabitants in Alabama.


The state of Georgia is no stranger to Alligators, and that is particularly true for the southeast quadrant of the state. This doesn't mean that residents should expect to see an alligator hanging out on every corner, but they shouldn't necessarily be shocked to spot an Alligator now and again either.


What States have alligators? Look no further than the second most prominent state to find an Alligator in the country, Louisiana is also famous for its gator-laden swamplands. Although this infamous distinction is likely a little overdone, it is true that in the right parts of Louisiana the chances are better that you will come across an alligator than the chances are that you won't.


The hottest State for gator sightings, and also with one of its most prestigious university's named after these many-toothed creatures, Florida is as close as it comes to being gator-crazy. Alligators are also a part of the tourism scene in Florida, so the chances aren't only good that an alligator might be spotted in Florida, the State is banking on it.

What States Have Alligators 2023


There are 9 states that have alligators.

What States Have Alligators 2023