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New York

Yogurt Production by State 2024

Yogurt Production by State 2024

Yogurt production in the United States is dominated by just two states: New York and California. Together, they account for the vast majority of yogurt produced in the country, with the rest of the states contributing relatively smaller amounts.

This dominance of New York and California in yogurt production might come as a surprise to some, especially considering that yogurt is a widely consumed dairy product across the nation. However, there are specific reasons behind this concentration.

New York, particularly upstate New York, has a long tradition of dairy farming and is known for its high-quality milk production. The state's favorable climate, access to resources like water and land, and robust dairy infrastructure make it an ideal location for yogurt production. Additionally, New York's dairy industry has received support from state government initiatives, further contributing to its prominence in yogurt manufacturing.

Similarly, California's dairy industry benefits from its favorable climate, large-scale dairy operations, and advanced agricultural technology. The state's Central Valley, in particular, is known for its extensive dairy farms and modern processing facilities, making it a significant hub for yogurt production.

Yogurt Production by State 2024

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Yogurt Production 2022 (lbs)
New York793.3M
United States1.2B