There are 50 zip codes in Palm Beach County, Florida. The most populated is 33411, located in West Palm Beach. * 2024 populations estimated based on the latest ACS 5-year data.

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Zip Code
3341173,919West Palm Beach
3346365,766Lake Worth
3346755,101Lake Worth
3341551,874West Palm Beach
3346148,575Lake Worth
3343647,606Boynton Beach
3342845,694Boca Raton
3343345,580Boca Raton
3341842,997Palm Beach Gardens
3343738,178Boynton Beach
3343537,533Boynton Beach
3346036,578Lake Worth Beach
3341036,277Palm Beach Gardens
3341735,555West Palm Beach
3340933,372West Palm Beach
3340732,904West Palm Beach
3346232,232Lake Worth
3340131,625West Palm Beach
3344531,283Delray Beach
3340431,034West Palm Beach
3344627,774Delray Beach
3348426,262Delray Beach
3340626,093West Palm Beach
3342623,781Boynton Beach
3344423,569Delray Beach
3349623,549Boca Raton
3348622,991Boca Raton
3343122,488Boca Raton
3348721,504Boca Raton
3343221,270Boca Raton
3343421,214Boca Raton
3343020,503Belle Glade
3340520,377West Palm Beach
3347218,881Boynton Beach
3340818,839North Palm Beach
3341318,125West Palm Beach
3349816,866Boca Raton
3341215,001West Palm Beach
3340313,698West Palm Beach
3348312,639Delray Beach
3347311,107Boynton Beach
3348010,853Palm Beach
334499,301Lake Worth
334935,035South Bay
showing: 50 rows

Zip Codes in Palm Beach County, Florida by Population (2024)