There are 25 zip codes in East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana. The most populated is 70816, located in Baton Rouge. * 2024 populations estimated based on the latest ACS 5-year data.

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Zip Code
7081644,610Baton Rouge
7081042,219Baton Rouge
7080836,716Baton Rouge
7081733,478Baton Rouge
7081531,423Baton Rouge
7080629,532Baton Rouge
7080926,684Baton Rouge
7080224,701Baton Rouge
7080524,050Baton Rouge
7082022,540Baton Rouge
7080716,012Baton Rouge
7073913,654Greenwell Springs
7081113,359Baton Rouge
7081411,092Baton Rouge
7081211,011Baton Rouge
7081810,155Baton Rouge
708193,983Baton Rouge
708033,281Baton Rouge
708131,994Baton Rouge
70801274Baton Rouge
70836256Baton Rouge
708250Baton Rouge
showing: 25 rows

Zip Codes in East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana by Population (2024)