There are 20 zip codes in Orleans Parish, Louisiana. The most populated is 70118, located in New Orleans. * 2024 populations estimated based on the latest ACS 5-year data.

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Zip Code
7011836,800New Orleans
7011936,028New Orleans
7012235,147New Orleans
7011533,069New Orleans
7012630,154New Orleans
7012726,153New Orleans
7011725,888New Orleans
7013125,749New Orleans
7012822,538New Orleans
7011422,010New Orleans
7012420,212New Orleans
7012518,475New Orleans
7013013,202New Orleans
7011610,482New Orleans
7012910,314New Orleans
701139,613New Orleans
701124,310New Orleans
70148264New Orleans
701390New Orleans
701630New Orleans

Zip Codes in Orleans Parish, Louisiana by Population (2024)