There are 69 zip codes in New York County, New York. The most populated is 10025, located in New York. * 2024 populations estimated based on the latest ACS 5-year data.

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Zip Code
1002596,988New York
1000276,518New York
1002975,614New York
1002765,806New York
1002365,706New York
1002462,774New York
1003161,044New York
1003260,480New York
1003358,711New York
1000958,418New York
1012856,695New York
1001654,369New York
1000353,877New York
1001150,772New York
1002845,717New York
1004043,653New York
1001942,766New York
1003441,570New York
1002140,642New York
1003538,595New York
1002638,265New York
1002233,586New York
1001032,410New York
1003031,268New York
1003630,930New York
1006530,859New York
1003929,887New York
1001429,461New York
1001329,453New York
1000127,004New York
1007523,920New York
1003823,343New York
1001221,216New York
1003719,138New York
1001714,486New York
1004411,846New York
102808,843New York
100058,801New York
100188,659New York
100077,506New York
102826,450New York
100696,259New York
100044,579New York
100063,736New York
101621,523New York
10279161New York
101680New York
100200New York
102780New York
102710New York
101990New York
101770New York
101740New York
101730New York
101720New York
101710New York
101700New York
101690New York
101670New York
101650New York
101540New York
101530New York
101520New York
101190New York
101150New York
101120New York
101110New York
101100New York
101030New York
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Zip Codes in New York County, New York by Population (2024)