Bihar Population 2022

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Bihar is a village located in the state of Karnataka India. The village has a population of nearly 2,500 individuals.

Population Density of Bihar

The are size of Bihar comes to approximately 24 square kilometers. This brings the density of this village to 104 individuals per square kilometer.

Population Demographics of Bihar

There are few demographics for the village itself; however, the state of Karnataka has some general demographic statistics available. The state has a literacy rate of approximately 75%

A large percentage of the population is a member of Indo-Aryan-speaking ethnic groups. There are also people that speak Austroasiatic and Dravidian residing in Bihar.

The primary religion practiced in this state is Hinduism, which is practiced by nearly 83% of the population. Almost 17% of residents practice Islam.

Industry in Bihar

Agriculture is a primary industry in Bihar, and it is the largest producer of vegetables in the nation. Roughly 80% of the population works in the agriculture industry. The state is also known for its domestic and foreign breweries. Bihar is the fastest growing state in India based on the gross state domestic product.

Population Growth Projection and History

Past population growth trends, as well as a revitalized economy that includes improved infrastructure, health care facilities and education, indicate that this state will continue to see significant and robust population growth into the future.

Bihar Population 2022

Bihar Population Data (Urban Area)

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