Red Deer Population 2020

The city of Red Deer is in Alberta, Canada and is the third most popular city in the state following Calgary and Edmonton.

While the name may seem strange to some, it reflects how misinterpretations can occur. The name Red Deer was a reference to the elk in the area. The British traders thought that the elk were the red deer that are popular in and around England, and the name stuck.

City Size and Population Density

The city of Red Deer covers a surface area of 104.73 kilometers squared (40.44 square miles). The population density in Red Deer is near 958.8 people living per square kilometer (2,483 residents per square mile).

Population in Red Deer

The population of Red Deer has been steadily growing and has reached a landmark as of this year. It is the third city in Alberta to reach a population above 100,000 people (as of mid-2017 estimates). Red Deer now has an overall population of 100,418, and the projections for growth during the coming years estimate that, with the growth rate of 2.23% continuing, Red Deer could reach a population of 128,420 by the year 2020.

Educated Workforce

One thing that can hinder a city from growth is the lack of an educated labor force. Red Deer does not have that issue as 54% of the labor force has completed some form of post-secondary education. The standard working age of 15 to 65 now makes up 71% of the overall workforce, with over 5,000 businesses and industries within Red Deer alone.

Household Income

Some areas of the world maintain a relatively low income rate, making it difficult for the citizens of the areas to live comfortably. Red Deer is one of the best areas in Canada due to the diverse and resilient workforce. The average income for a standard family in Red Deer is $93,098, and that corresponds to the average home price of $349,900.


The largest draw to Red Deer is not in its educational facilities or even job opportunities, but the location of the city itself. Red Deer is on the Queen Elisabeth II Highway; this may not sound like an interesting fact, but this is the most traveled highway in Alberta. It gives direct access to Red Deer from Edmonton and Calgary, making the area perfect for new businesses as well as attractive to people living outside the city and commuting to work. 81% of all residents of Alberta are no more than a two-hour drive away from Red Deer, which makes it an excellent choice for both warehouses and transportation companies.

Business Taxation

Businesses are often taxed in every conceivable way in cities throughout the world, but Red Deer is unique in the fact that business taxes are relatively low. Taxes can sometimes break a business, but the thriving business and personal economy in Red Deer are a direct result of the lack of taxes for businesses in the area. Businesses enjoy no capital tax, business tax, machinery tax, and no payroll tax. The tax rate for small businesses is just 3%, while large corporations are taxed at only 12%.

Red Deer Population 2020