Population of Cities in Kuwait (2022)

Kuwait it a country that has a population that has surpassed 2.7 million residents and is on track to hit three million in upcoming years. This country, which is the 158th largest in the world, shares borders with Iraq and Saudi Arabia, and its cities are spread across six governorates. The governorates are divided further into distinct areas known as districts. Kuwait does not have any major cities that have surpassed the one million person milestone when it comes to population. Its largest city is Al Ahmadi, which has a 2016 population of over 600,000. This isn't the only city that has a population exceeding 100,000 -- there are three more, although none are quite close to reaching the population of Al Ahmadi or even hitting the 500,000 milestone. Kuwait has 16 additional cities that each have populations between 10,000 and 100,000 people that help round out the total population figures for this country.

The majority of Kuwait's residents live in its developed cities and areas, with only 2 percent accounting for the rural population. Kuwait's total population has increased 25 times since 1950. With high growth rates continuing due to natural increases and high birth rates, the cities and the country as a whole are expecting to see continued growth in the years to come. However, government officials and experts have predicted that this may have a negative impact on the country's sustainable development. Only time will tell exactly how much Kuwait's cities will grow and what the overall impact on the country will be.

Kuwait has 0 cities with more than a million people, 4 cities with between 100,000 and 1 million people, and 16 cities with between 10,000 and 100,000 people. The largest city in Kuwait is Al Ahmadi, with a population of people.

Population of All Cities in Kuwait