History of Germany | How Old is Germany?

The Union of Germanic States into a confederation was formed in 1815, making Germany itself 207 years old.

The Current State of Germany

Germany is one of the richest countries in Europe, most of whose economic power is considered to hold the value of the Euro altogether. Germans are known for their meticulous attention to detail and efficient processes. Their economy is a social market economy with an incredibly skilled labor force that prides itself on education, low levels of corruption, and high amounts of innovation. Germany is the ideal trade partner, as it is both the third largest exporter and importer of goods. It also has the fourth lowest unemployment rate in Europe, consistently.

Before the German confederation, it was considered a conglomeration of tribes. It was one of the few European peoples that were never conquered by the Romans, causing their development and evolution to be unique, as can be evidenced by their lifestyle and legal system. Despite being one of the world's largest economic and socially responsible superpowers, the stigma of both world wars, primarily the Nazi regime of World War II, has caused it to be extremely limited in the creation of the Military. It is due to this reminder that the German people are extremely anti-corruption and have exceptionally high expectations of their government.

Currently, the illegal invasion of Russia into Ukraine has spurred an increased military presence in both Eastern and Western Europe, mainly those in the NATO alliance. Germany has been allowed to its military activity for the first time since the collapse of the Nazi regime.

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How old is Germany?

The country of Germany is 1181 years old, founded in the year 843.

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