Iran Flag

Iran Flag

What does the flag of Iran look like? The Iranian flag is a horizontal tricolor of green, white, and red, and there are a red National Emblem of Iran in the middle of the white band and the Takbir written in white Kufic script. It is also repeated 11 times along the bottom of the green band and 11 times on the top of the red band. Iran's tricolor flag was officially adopted on October 7, 1907 as the national flag and ensign, and the most current version was updated on July 29, 1980.

Meaning of the Flag

There is deep symbolism behind the design of the flag of Iran. The colors themselves are representative of different traits. These include growth, happiness, unity, vitality, freedom and bravery.

In addition to its horizontal bands, the Iranian flag also features a red emblem. This emblem was first designed in 1980 and there is significant meaning behind the design of this emblem. The emblem combines several Islamic elements into one design. The flag includes parts of the Islamic phrase meaning “There Is No God Except Allah” There is also a tulip shape that is designed to represent people that have died for the country and the value of self-sacrifice.

Colors of the Flag

The green horizontal band represents several aspects of Iranian culture, including the Persian language, vitality, unity, nature, growth and happiness. The white horizontal band represents freedom. The red represents the bloodshed of martyrs, bravery and sophistication. In addition to the horizontal bands, the flag also features a red emblem in the center and the Takbir written in the Kufic script in white.

History of the Flag

Flags and banners have been used in Iran throughout history as symbols of war and peace. One of the early flags featured a golden eagle. Later designs used during the 16th through 18th centuries included a green field with a yellow circle centered at the top, followed by a green field with a gold sun and lamb, and then a green field with a gold lion and sun in the center.

Throughout the years, there were multiple flags used featuring a sun and lion. These designs varied from green fields to red, and to white fields with red and green borders, just to name a few. It was in 1906 when the first variation of the modern flag was adopted. It featured bands of green, white and red with the lion and sun emblem in the center. This flag was modified twice, one in 1933 and again in 1964. This flag remained unchanged until the modern flag was adopted in 1980.

Flag Facts

The sun and lion symbol used in previous flags was thought by the government to represent the oppressive monarchy so it was replaced. However, communities in exile that are against the Islamic Republic still use these old flags today.

The oldest flag of Iran was discovered and has been dated back to 2400 BCE. This flag is made of bronze.

Three Color Flag
Green, White, Red


Green, White, and Red horizontal stripes with the national emblem
Iran Flag

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