History of Iran | How Old is Iran?

Iran, commonly known among its denizens as Persia, was a dominant force throughout the world as early as 678 BC. The Islamic Republic of Iran that we know today had its current constitution drafted in 1979. This makes Iran older than 2600 years, or as young as 43 years.

The Current State of Iran

While it is officially known as the Islamic State of Iran, Iranians often refer to themselves as Persians, an adage to their antiquity and vastness. The Persian Empire was one of the largest and dominant powers of its time, rivaling many Greek and Roman regions. Iran was controlled by a Shah monarchy for most of its time, but it ended recently in 1979. Demonstrations against the Shah were made and the people revolted against the royal party. Many decades of civil strife, labor strikes, and friction with the rest of the government have reduced the beauty of the country. They officially became the Islamic Republic of Iran in 1979.

Iran continues to strike against the regime, as the poor relations with western countries have limited their ability to garner support from the country. Many Iranians live abroad in the Diaspora as a result of the worsening conditions within the republic.

Date of Initial Sovereignty
3200 BC
Years Since Initial Sovereignty

How old is Iran?

The country of Iran is 5224 years old, founded in the year 3200 BC.

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