Where is Iran in the World?

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[Iran](https://www.britannica.com/place/Iran), or the Islamic Republic of Iran, is a Western Asian country. The GPS coordinates of Iran are two points, one being a latitude and the other being a longitude. The latitudinal coordinate of Iran is 32.4279° N, and therefore, Iran is located above the equator in the northern hemisphere. With a longitudinal coordinate of 53.6880° E, Iran is positioned in the eastern hemisphere as well.

Most Extreme Points of Iran

As the sixtieth most northern point of all countries in the world, Iran’s most northerly point is located at a latitude of 39°47' N. Located in Iran’s West Azarbaijan Region, this point is just north of the Iranian city of Kukh. The southernmost point of Iran is positioned in the small village of Pasabandar. Also known as the Pas Bandar, this place is located at a latitude of 25°04' N. The country’s southern extremity is in the Sistan va Baluchestan Region of Iran.

To the east, Iran extends as far as the longitudinal coordinate of 63°18'03" E. As part of the Sistan va Baluchestan Region of Iran, the easternmost point of the country is just outside of the city of Kuhak. This village is in the Bam Pasht District of Iran’s Saravan County. In the opposite direction, the western part of Iran extends as far as a longitude of 44°02'50" E, placing Iran’s westernmost point in the village of Sufali. Located in the West Azerbaijan Region, the westernmost point shares a commonality with the northernmost point of Iran.

Population Size, Total Area, and Density Level

The total area of the country is 636,368 square miles. The total area of Iran is broken up between land and water regions. The former takes up about 591,349 square miles, and the latter makes up 45,019 square miles. In percentages, the country of Iran is about 93% land and 7% water. As a country with a total of thirty provinces in all, Iran is 484.9 miles long and 612.77 miles wide.

Iran‘s population size currently hovers around 82,447,336 people. If you take this value and compare it to the populations of the other 195 countries around the globe, Iran’s population is barely a little over 1% of the world’s total population. As a result, Iran ranks as the 18th most populated country in the world.

Official Name
Islamic Republic of Iran
Common Name
1,648,195 km²
Bordering Countries
Afghanistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Pakistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan
Calling Code
32, 53
Southern Asia, The Middle East

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