History of New Zealand | How Old is New Zealand?

When Did People First Arrive on New Zealand?

The ideals we know as New Zealand has not been inhabited here nearly as long as its nearby neighbor of Australia. The two are very distinct places, and New Zealand did not have its own native aboriginal population for as long as Australia. The first people to arrive on New Zealand were of Polynesian descent. They are believed to have arrived on the island between 1330 and 1350 AD, but the exact timing is difficult to determine. They likely developed their own distinct culture around this time as well, and other explorers who have arrived since that time have chronicled everything they learned about the region and their culture.

When Did Europeans First Arrive on New Zealand?

The area surrounding New Zealand was not exempt from the Age of Exploration, and the first European settlers to arrive in the area were Dutch explorers. They came from the area known as Dutch Indonesia, and they arrived for the first time in 1642. While they did not colonize the area immediately, it did not take long for the process to get underway. The country to formally bring New Zealand under the control of a European power was Britain. James Cook arrived on the island in 1789, and he was the first British explorer to do so. Then, there was a treaty signed between Britain and New Zealand in 1840. That brought New Zealand under the control of the British.

When Did New Zealand Gain Independence?

The country of New Zealand gained its independence gradually over a period of about 100 years. In 1840, it became part of the British Empire, but it would gain some self-governance at the end of the 19th century. After that, New Zealand would fight alongside the British during World War I, eventually entering into the League of Nations as an independent country once the war was over. This was a major step for the young country, and it was a sign that the British were okay letting it go. New Zealand would gain even more independence during and after World War II, as the country would fight alongside the Australians, the British, and the Americans. Upon the defeat of the Japanese, New Zealand would play an important role in the security of the Pacific, working alongside its allies to preserve the balance of power.

Is New Zealand Nice Today?

Yes, New Zealand is a very nice country today, and it is a beautiful place to visit. The country is known for its warm weather, its beautiful sunshine, and its strong economy. The city of Auckland is a major financial center and tourist attraction, with numerous people coming to visit every year. The country is also known for its kiwis, this the nickname of the people who are from there. Overall, New Zealand is a nice country both to live in and to visit. For this reason, people come from all over the world to visit New Zealand every year.

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History of New Zealand | How Old is New Zealand?

How old is New Zealand?

The country of New Zealand is 117 years old, founded in the year 1907.

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