Philippines National Anthem

While the Philippines National Anthem itself doesn't bear much resemblance to the American National Anthem, there are some striking similarities regarding its history to that of the American National Anthem.

The Philippines National Anthem was born out of a revolution, much like the Star Bangled Banner. The year was 1898 when the revolution against Spain was in its second year. During this time, and while it appeared that a Filipino victory was inevitable, General Emilio Aguinaldo sought to create a symbol to inspire and rally his troops.

The order to create a march for the Philippine troops was then given to pianist and composer Julian Felipe. Less than a week later the song was unveiled in the General's living room with the Philippine also in attendance. The song was adopted immediately after being heard and was named the Marcha Nacional Filipina (the Philippine National March).

It wasn't much later in the same year that the song was played publicly. During the unveiling of the song, General Aguinaldo also declared the Philippines as Asia's first independent republic. History records that massive crowds cheered as the announcement was made that day. The same day the National flag of the Philippines was presented, making this a truly historic occasion.

Here is the Philippines National Anthem that was presented that day in 1898 and that remains the National Anthem today.

Land of the morning Child of the sun returning With fervor burning Thee do our souls adore.

Land dear and holy Cradle of noble heroes Ne'er shall invaders Trample thy sacred shore.

O'er within thy skies and through thy clouds And o'er thy hills and seas, Do we behold the radiance feel the throb of glorious liberty.

Thy banner dear to all our hearts thy sun and stars alight. Never shall its shining rays Be dimmed by tyrants' might.

O beautiful land of love, O land of life, In thine embrace 'Tis rapture to lie.

But it is glory ever when thou art wronged for us, thy sons, to suffer and die.

While there are many differences the similarities between the histories of the American and Philippine National Anthem can't be denied. Also, much like the aforementioned American National Anthem, the Philippine National Anthem often reflects the battle that its independence required.

There is also a clear message of unity that runs throughout the song. And with lyrics like "O beautiful land of love," and "O land of life," there may be much more in common between the US and the Philippines than most realize, including its anthem.

Philippines National Anthem Lyrics