Portguese National Anthem

History of the Portuguese National Anthem

The national anthem of Portugal is "A Portuguesa", literally meaning "The Portuguese Song". Like many national anthems, this was composed during a time of crisis and hardship - in this case, the resurgent nationalist movement in 1890 which was fueled by an ultimatum from the British Empire concerning the removal of its military and economic interests from Portugal's African colonies.

The Republican Movement

The British Empire had warned and declared that Portugal needed to stop and restrict their people from colonizing the land between the colonies of Angola and Mozambique. This led to a huge uproar by the common people, mainly due to the stance of their monarch, King Carlos the first who had accepted the warning from the British Empire and decided to comply with their wishes - limiting expansion.

The anthem was composed by Alfredo Keil and written by fellow artist Henrique Lopes de Mendonca and used as a marching song in 1891 during the rebellion against the crown by the newly formed people's republic. Although it resulted in a catastrophic failure, the song was officially recognized as the national anthem on October 5th, 1910 to signal the creation of the Portuguese Republic - casting aside its constitutional monarchy through the eventual success of the ideal nada popular regime.

Portguese National Anthem Lyrics

Portugal National Anthem

In Portuguese

Heróis do mar, nobre povo,
Nação valente, imortal,
Levantai hoje de novo
O esplendor de Portugal!
Entre as brumas da memória,
Ó Pátria, sente-se a voz
Dos teus egrégios avós,
Que há-de guiar-te à vitória!

Às armas, às armas!
Sobre a terra, sobre o mar,
Às armas, às armas!
Pela Pátria lutar!
Contra os canhões, marchar, marchar!

Desfralda a invicta Bandeira,
À luz viva do teu céu!
Brade a Europa à terra inteira:
Portugal não pereceu
Beija o solo teu jucundo
O Oceano, a rugir d'amor,
E teu braço vencedor
Deu mundos novos ao Mundo!


Saudai o Sol que desponta
Sobre um ridente porvir;
Seja o eco de uma afronta
O sinal do ressurgir.
Raios dessa aurora forte
São como beijos de mãe,
Que nos guardam, nos sustêm,
Contra as injúrias da sorte.


English Translation

Heroes of the sea, noble people,
Valiant and immortal nation,
Raise once again today
The splendor of Portugal!
Among the haze of memory,
Oh Fatherland, one feels the voice
Of your distinguished forefathers,
That will lead you on to victory!

To arms, to arms!
Over land, over the sea,
To arms, to arms!
For the Fatherland, fight!
Against the cannons, march on, march on!

Hoist the undefeated flag,
In the lively light of your sky!
May Europe cry out to the whole Earth:
Portugal has not perished
Kiss your merry ground
The ocean, roaring with love,
And your victorious arm
Gave new worlds to the world!


Salute the Sun that rises
Over a gleeful future;
Let the echo of an offense
Be the sign for a comeback.
Rays of this strong dawn
Are like a mother’s kisses,
That keeps us, sustains us,
Against the injuries of fate.


Portguese National Anthem