Spain Flag

Spain Flag

What does the flag of Spain look like? The Spanish flag is made of red, yellow, and red horizontal bands with the Spanish coat of arms off-centered on the yellow band. This current version was last updated on October 5, 1981.

Meaning of the Flag

Red and yellow were selected as the colors for the flag of Spain as these are seen as traditional Spanish colors. This is because they were used on the coat of arms of the original Spanish kingdoms. The flag also features Spain’s coat of arms quite prominently, which has its own meaning. There is a crowned shield which is guarded by the Pillars of Hercules, which are meant to symbolize Gibraltar and Cueta. Each quarter of the shield has a badge that represents the original kingdoms. The shield also has the emblem of the House of Bourbon. A pomegranate at the bottom of the shield represents Grenada, and the pillars feature a red scroll with the motto, “There is more beyond,” written on it.

Colors of the Flag

The colors of the Spanish flag are primarily red and yellow. These colors are seen as traditional Spanish colors, as these were the colors used in the original Spanish coat of arms. Spain was also the first country to use the colors of red and yellow at the time of the flag’s design. White, blue and gold colors can also be found on the nation’s coat of arms, which is located off-center toward the hoist.

History of the Flag

In 1785, Charles III – the ruler of Spain – chose a flag that is quite similar to the flag used today. The nation wanted a new flag to differentiate themselves from the other kingdoms of Bourbon. At the time of the design, red and yellow were chosen as the colors. However, the monarchy changed this design in 1931. At the time of the Spanish Republic, the flag was altered to include a stripe of purple along with the red and yellow. However, it wasn’t long until the purple was removed in 1936. Several changes were implemented to the flag after this, primarily to update the Spanish coat of harms. The most recent version that is in use today was established in the Spanish Constitution in 1981.

Flag Facts

The nickname of the Spanish flag is “la Rojigualda.”

Charles III was the designer of the original flag in 1785, which is extremely similar to the flag that is still in use today.

The yellow stripe in the middle of the flag is twice the size of the red stripes.

The Spanish Royal Decree officially defines the colors that should be used in the Spanish flag.

Government offices are required to fly the flag 24/7. Flags cannot be soiled or damaged.

If the Spanish flag is unfurled around other flags, it must not be smaller than the other flags and must be flown in an honorable position.

Yellow, Red
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A large yellow horizontal column in the center, with a smaller red column above and below, and the coat of arms on the left edge of the yellow column

Spain Flag

Spain Flag

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