Where is Sudan in the World?

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As a country in African, Sudan is situated in the Northeast Region of the continent. The GPS coordinates of Sudan are comprised of the latitude of 12.8628° N and a longitude of 30.2176° E. The latitudinal point of Sudan places the African country above the equator, meaning it is part of the northern hemisphere. Similarly, the longitudinal coordinate shows that Sudan is located in the eastern hemisphere.

Sudan’s Farthest Points in All Four Directions

In the north of Sudan, the most extreme point of the country is a latitude of 22°12' N. The northernmost point of Sudan is in the Northern State. In particular, this latitudinal coordinate is in the city of Wadi Halfa on the Venezuelan-Brazilian border. More specifically, Venezuela’s most southern point is in the Río Negro Municipality of the state of Amazonas.

The most southern point of Sudan is found along the border between Sudan and South Sudan. Located just south of the city of Kurmuk, this point has a latitudinal coordinate of 09º30' N. Furthermore, Sudan’s southernmost point is part of the country’s Blue Nile State.

The easternmost point of Sudan is positioned along the border that Sudan shares with the country of Eritrea. The longitude of the most extreme point in the east of Sudan is 38°35' E. This coordinate points to the Sudanese state of Red Sea, which conveniently lies along the coastline of the Red Sea. To the west, Sudan’s western point of extremity can be found in the Sudanese state of West Darfur. Situated along the border between Sudan and Chad, this point has a longitudinal coordinate of 21°50' E.

Population, Area, and Density of Sudan

The current population of Sudan is around 42,049,602 people. This value places Sudan as the 35th most populated country across the globe. Even though this positioning sounds impressive, Sudan’s population is only 0.55% of all people on Earth.

The country’s total area comes to about 967,494 square miles. Of this total square mileage, the land regions of Sudan take up a mere 917 square miles. The remaining square miles are considered water areas, seeing as the Nile Basin covers roughly seventy-two percent of Sudan. The country is separated into seventeen states. Sudan is about 719.71 miles wide and 559.29 miles long.

Official Name
Republic of the Sudan
Common Name
1,886,068 km²
Bordering Countries
Central African Republic, Chad, Egypt, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Libya, South Sudan
Calling Code
15, 30
Northern Africa

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