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Sweden is a country in Europe. Known as the Kingdom of Sweden by its official title, Sweden has a vast coastline. With borders along the Gulf of Bothnia, the Baltic Sea, and many smaller seas, Sweden has direct access to water regions from many points. In terms of the borders that Sweden shares with other countries, Norway is to the west of Sweden and Finland lies along the eastern border of Sweden.

GPS Coordinates of Sweden: Latitude and Longitude

The latitude of Sweden is 60.1282° N, and the country’s longitude is 18.6435° E. The GPS coordinates of Sweden place the country in the northern and eastern hemispheres.

Sweden’s Most Extreme Points

The most extreme point of Sweden to the north is found at a latitudinal coordinate of 69°04' N. This point is referred to as Treriksröset, which is a Swedish term for the point where Sweden, Finland, and Norway meet. In Finnish, this point is called Kolmen valtakunnan rajapyykki, and in Norwegian, people refer to it as Treriksrøysa. The English terminology is the Three-Country Cairn. More specifically, the northernmost point of Sweden is positioned in Kiruna; a town considered part of the country’s Lapland Province.

Of all the countries in the world, Sweden’s southernmost point is the 190th most southern point. With a latitude of 55°20' E, this point is located in Smygehuk. As a village known for its fishing scene, it is located in the Skåne Province just outside of a town called Trelleborg.

To the east, the most extreme point of Sweden is up for debate. Looking solely at the mainland of Sweden, the easternmost point has a longitude of 25°15' E. It is found on the border that Sweden shares with Finland. At this location, Sweden’s easternmost point on the mainland is positioned within the Haparanda District in the county of Norrbotten.

Offshore, Sweden’s easternmost point has a longitude of 24°10'0” E. Also found in the county of Norrbotten, the islet of Kataja, in the Haparanda archipelago, is home to Sweden’s most extreme eastern point, beyond the mainland. This point is part of Sweden’s border with Finland as well.

The westernmost point of Sweden is part of Stora Drammen, an islet in the Strömstad Municipality of Sweden’s Västra Götaland County. The longitudinal coordinate of this point is 10°57'27" E.

Area and Population of Sweden

The total area of Sweden is 173,859 square miles, of which 158,430 square miles are land, and 15,429 square miles is water. The population of Sweden is currently 10,020,655 people, which makes Sweden the 90th most populated country in the world.

Official Name
Kingdom of Sweden
Common Name
450,295 km²
Bordering Countries
Finland, Norway
Calling Code
62, 15
Northern Europe

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