Swiss National Anthem

What Is the Swiss National Anthem?

The Swiss national anthem is not nearly as old as the national anthem of numerous other countries. The Swiss national anthem was composed in 1841. Since that time, the national anthem has been sung at numerous patriotic events. Initially, it was not accepted as the national anthem, despite numerous proposals from the country to make it so. From 1961 to 1981, the national anthem of Switzerland was replaced by another song, titled When You Call, My Country. Eventually, the Swiss Psalm was proclaimed the official national anthem of the country. In 1981, the lyrics of the Swiss Psalm were set to the melody of God Save the Queen, which is one of the most calming melodies for national anthems across the world. Of note, there is some debate regarding whether this Swiss national anthem should be changed.

How Many Languages Are In the Swiss National Anthem?

Because of the location of Switzerland in Europe, the Swiss national anthem has been translated into four separate languages. All four languages are routinely sung when the Swiss national anthem is played. The original song was composed in German, but the national anthem has been translated into all other national languages as well. The four separate national languages of Switzerland are German, French, Italian, and Romansh. The national anthem has been officially translated into all four of these languages. Because English is the universal language, the national anthem of Switzerland has been translated into English as well.

What is the Swiss National Language About?

The Swiss national anthem has a few separate teams to it. First, the Swiss national anthem talks about the beautiful scenery located in Switzerland. The Swiss Alps play a significant role in the national anthem. The Swiss national anthem also talks about living underneath the starry sky, and the generosity of a benevolent Lord. Similar to other national anthems, the Swiss national anthem also encourages the people of Switzerland to fight hard during times of strife and difficulty. These are the prevailing themes of the Swiss national anthem, which has four separate verses to it.

Is There a Competition for a New National Anthem in Switzerland?

During the past few decades, there have been numerous proposals for a new national anthem in Switzerland. Eventually, in 2013, a committee was put together to oversee a public competition to propose new lyrics for the Swiss national anthem. There are numerous sources of inspiration for various people trying to write a new national anthem, and in 2015, six proposals were released online. People were encouraged to vote for their favorite version. The competition is ongoing, and new lyrics for the national anthem have not yet been updated. Many of the proposals for a new national anthem talk about the colors of the flag of Switzerland and what they might mean. Right now, there are lots of people who are living in Switzerland and are eagerly awaiting the adoption of a new national anthem that might better reflect the values of the country.

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Swiss National Anthem