Thailand National Anthem

What Is the Thailand National Anthem?

The National Anthem is called the Thai National Anthem. It was adopted as the official national anthem of the country in 1939. At the time, it replaced the Sansoen Phra Barami, which had been the royal national anthem of Thailand for a long time. That specific song remains the royal anthem in Thailand. Therefore, there can be some confusion related to the official national anthem of Thailand. Even though the royal song might be played when the royalty of the country is involved, the official national anthem of Thailand is the Thai National Anthem. Of note, Thailand is still a monarchy, and it is ruled by a king.

Why Was the National Anthem of Thailand Replaced?

At the time, there was a significant feeling across the country that the people living in Thailand needed a song that they could relate to more easily than the national anthem of table royalty. As a result, a competition was launched to create new lyrics. In 1939, the official name of the country was changed from Siam to Thailand, and the prime minister felt that it was a great time to hold a competition to see if there was a better song that could replace the royal national anthem.

For a long time, the anthem was to be played every day at 8 a.m. and 6 pm. Everyone across the country was supposed to stand up to show respect for the country. Now, the anthem is played when the national flag is raised or lowered in public areas. Examples include public buildings, workplaces, and schools. Therefore, the national anthem of Thailand continues to be played twice per day across the entire country.

What Is the Thai National Anthem About?

There are a lot of themes that are present in the Thai National Anthem, and many of them focus on things that are similar to national anthems of other countries. The goal of the national anthem is to encourage people to express their love for the country. Thailand is still ruled by a king, and the goal of the national anthem is to get people to not only support the monarchy but also to support the rest of the country. That is why the competition for a new national anthem was so important. The national anthem inspires patriotism among the people in Thailand, and bears a lot of similarities to other national anthems as well.

Why Is the Thai National Anthem Still Played Twice Per Day?

Even though there has been some criticism of playing the national anthem twice per day, the goal of the national anthem is to get people to support the country and the government. By indoctrinating people by asking them to sing the national anthem twice per day, it encourages people of all backgrounds to fall in love with the country. This makes it easier for the king and the current government to hold onto power, even in the face of numerous democratic movements across the world.

Thailand National Anthem Lyrics