Where is Togo in the World?

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Togo is a country located on the continent of Africa. As part of Africa's westernmost region, Togo is known as the Togolese Republic and has Ghana to the west of Togo and Benin in the east, and Ghana lies just below the country of Burkina Faso. Togo also rests along the coastline of the Gulf of Guinea.

Geographic Coordinates and Surrounding Areas

Togo’s GPS coordinates are a latitude of 8° 37' 33.34" N and a longitude of 0° 49' 57.01" E. As part of the world’s northern hemisphere, Togo is situated above the equatorial plane. The longitude of Togo places the country in the eastern hemisphere.

Points of Extremity in Togo

In the north, Togo’s most extreme point is positioned at the latitudinal coordinate of 11°08' N. This point is right where Ghana, Burkina Faso, and Togo come together and then diverge. In the opposite direction, the southernmost point of Togo is in the capital city of Lome. With a GPS coordinate of 06°07' N, this southern extremity is the seventy-fourth most southern point of all countries in the world.

To the east of Togo, the country extends as far as a longitude of 1°46' E. As part of the border between Togo and Benin, the easternmost point of Togo is along the coastline of the Atlantic Ocean. This point is also part of the Maritime Region of Togo. In the west of Togo, the country reaches a point of extremity at the longitude of 0°09' W. Situated on the border that Togo shares with Ghana, Togo’s farthest point to the west is in the region of Savanes. The longitude of this point is 0°09' W.

Togo’s Physical Area and Population Size

Togo’s total area is a grand sum of 21,925 square miles, of which 20,998 square miles are land, and 927 square miles are water regions. Togo is a country that is 96% land and 4% water. The country of Togo has a width of 36.7 miles wide and 284.92 miles long. The total area of Togo is broken up into five separate regions. These regions are named Kara, Plateaux, Centrale, Maritime, and Savanes.

The population of Togo accounts for about 0.11% of the global population. As the 102nd most populated country out of 196 total countries and dependencies, Togo has a population of 8,102,075. When you take the population of Togo and divide this number by the country’s total area, you will find that Togo has a population density of 370 people per square mile.

Official Name
Togolese Republic
Common Name
56,785 km²
Bordering Countries
Benin, Burkina Faso, Ghana
Calling Code
8, 1.16666666
Western Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa

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