History of Ukraine | How Old is Ukraine?

When Did People Start Living in Ukraine?

It is hard to say exactly when people started living in what is Ukraine. While written history in the area goes back a long time, it is believed that people have been living in the area for thousands of years. The area is very fertile, and expeditions have uncovered a lot of artifacts that date back before the time of written history. There are artifacts that have been uncovered from different times in prehistory, including the Stone Age and the Bronze Age.

What Happened To Ukraine in the Middle Ages?

During the Middle Ages, power in Ukraine changed hands several times. For example, the area was conquered by the golden horde, the ruling power in Crimea, the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, and the Crown of the Kingdom of Poland. Therefore, there was not a significant amount of stability in the history of Ukraine during this time. Eventually, there would be a time of stability and Ukraine at the end of the war between the Russians and the Polish, which took place during the 17th century. Poland was compensated for the loss of Ukraine, and the area came under the control of Russia for a short time. This piece would again be disturbed when a revolution took place in Russia in 1917.

When Did Ukraine Win Its Independence from Russia?

Ukraine would be controlled by Russia for a long time, but the area also experienced a significant amount of turbulence, as Russia experienced a significant amount of turbulence as well. The Soviet Union and the Nazis invaded Poland in September of 1939, and the official territory of Ukraine would extend Westward as a result. Max's armies occupied Ukraine for about three years, as Nazi Germany invaded the Soviet Union during World War 2. When Nazi Germany was defeated, the Soviet Union was one of the two remaining major powers in the world. Officially, Ukraine came under the control of the Soviet Union, along with numerous other Republics in Eastern Europe.

Is Ukraine Still a Free Country?

Eventually, the United States would defeat the Soviet Union at the end of the Cold War. Officially, the Cold War ended in 1991, and all of the independent republics that were under the control of the Soviet Union were finally free. This includes Ukraine. Ukraine has its own seat in the United Nations, but there are some people in Russia who believe that Ukraine should still be a part of Russia.

Even though Ukraine has been a stable country for the past few years, Russia decided to invade Ukraine at the beginning of 2022. Ukraine immediately fought back, and it has tried to drive the Russian army from its territory. Even though it remains to be seen how the world will play out, Ukraine is still technically a free country. Ukraine has expressed an interest in joining NATO, and it is already in the process of joining the European Union, with a significant amount of support from the West.

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History of Ukraine | How Old is Ukraine?

How old is Ukraine?

The country of Ukraine is 375 years old, founded in the year 1649.

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