Where is Uruguay in the World?

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As a country situated along the Atlantic Ocean, Uruguay is part of the southeastern region of South America. The GPS coordinates of Uruguay are 32.5228° S and 55.7658° W. From this information; it is clear that Uruguay is found below the equator in both the southern and western hemispheres.

Points of Extremity in Uruguay

Uruguay is located in the southeastern region of South America. The country’s most northern extremity is found to the south of the city of Dirceu Barcelos. Found along the Quarai River, the northernmost point has a latitude of 30°05' S. Interestingly enough, Uruguay has the most southern northernmost point of all the countries in the world.

In the south, Uruguay has two points of extremity. One of these points is on the country’s mainland. With a latitude of 34°58' S, this point is in the city of Punta del Este. The other southernmost point is offshore on the Isla de Lobos. Located in the Atlantic Ocean, this point has a latitude of 35°02' S.

In the east, Uruguay’s furthest most longitudinal coordinate is 53°5' W. This point is lies along the border that Uruguay shares with Brazil. As part of the Cierra Largo Department of Uruguay, the easternmost point of the country is positioned in a lagoon, called the Lagoon Mirim.

The westernmost point of extremity in Uruguay is the 41st most western point of all countries in the world. With a longitudinal coordinate of 58°25' W, Uruguay’s most of the extremity in the west in part of the Soriano Department. This point can be found along the Uruguay River where Uruguay and Argentina collide.

Uruguay's Total Area and Population Size

The total area of Uruguay is about 68,039 square miles, of which 98.5% is land, and 1.5% is water. In numerical form, this equates to 68,039 square miles of land regions and 1,004 square miles of water areas. In comparison to the total area values of the rest of the world, Uruguay’s total area ranks as the 89th largest.

The population of Uruguay is over three million and counting. The most recent census conducted in 2018 found that Uruguay is home to about 3,475,624 people. Compared to the entire global population, the population of Uruguay is a mere 0.05% of all people on earth.

By taking the population and dividing it by the country’s total area, the population density can be calculated. Concerning Uruguay, the population density is about 52, meaning that there are 52 people per square mile in Uruguay.

Official Name
Oriental Republic of Uruguay
Common Name
181,034 km²
Bordering Countries
Argentina, Brazil
Calling Code
-33, -56
South America
South America, Latin America

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