Where is Vanuatu in the World?

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Vanuatu is a conglomeration of islands in the South Pacific Ocean. As part of the Oceania Region of the world, there are approximately eighty islands that makeup Vanuatu. Islands are surrounded by water on all sides, implying that Vanuatu does not share borders with any other countries or nations. Despite this, Vanuatu can be found to the west of Fiji and the east of Australia.

Latitudinal and Longitudinal Points of Vanuatu

The GPS coordinates of Vanuatu are comprised of a latitude and a longitude. The latitudinal coordinate of Vanuatu is 15.3767° S, and the longitudinal coordinate of the island country is 166.9592° E. These points inform us that Vanuatu is located in the southern hemisphere, and therefore, below the equator. Vanuatu is also situated in the eastern hemisphere.

Vanuatu’s Farthest Points in Four Directions

The most extreme point in northern Vanuatu is on the island of Hiw. Located in the country’s Torba Province, this point has a latitude of 13°07' N. In the south, the country of Vanuatu has an extreme point in the province of Tafea. With a latitudinal coordinate of 20°15' S, the southernmost point of Vanuatu is on the island of Aneityum.

The easternmost point of Vanuatu is also situated in the Tafea Province. The coordinate of this point is a longitude of 170°13' E, placing Vanuatu’s extreme eastern point on the island of Futuna. The most extreme point in the west of Vanuatu is similar to the country’s northernmost point in that it is also located on Hiw Island. The westernmost point of Vanuatu extends as far as a longitude of 166°33' E.

Total Area, Population Size, and Density Level of Vanuatu

The current population of Vanuatu hovers around about 285,286 people. As populations do, Vanuatu’s population count is sure to rise, and possibly fall, day-to-day. However, as of 2019, Vanuatu is currently home to over two-hundred-and-eighty-five-thousand people. Though this number sounds very large, Vanuatu accounts for around 0% of the global population. Out of 196 countries in the world, Vanuatu is the 183rd most populated country. In other words, Vanuatu is the fourteenth least populated country in the world.

The country’s total area comes to just over five thousand square miles. As a group of islands in Oceania, Vanuatu’s total area is approximately 5,697 square miles in all.

Official Name
Republic of Vanuatu
Common Name
12,189 km²
Calling Code
Port Vila
-16, 167

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