Where is Venezuela in the World?

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Located in South America, Venezuela lies along the Caribbean Sea, as well as the Atlantic Ocean. Venezuela has a coastline, meaning the country is not landlocked. However, Venezuela also shares borders with other South American countries. Colombia borders Venezuela to the south, southwest, and west. Brazil is south and southeast of Venezuela, while Guyana is situated in the east.

GPS Coordinates of Venezuela

The GPS coordinates of Venezuela are comprised of two points: a latitude and a longitude. Venezuela’s latitudinal coordinate is 6.4238° N. This point means that Venezuela is in the northern hemisphere, and therefore, situated above the equator. The longitudinal coordinate of Venezuela is 66.5897° W, placing the country in the western hemisphere.

Furthest Points to the North, South, East, and West

Venezuela has two different northernmost points of extremity. Focusing solely on the mainland of Venezuela, the most northern point is the cape of San Román. This point has a latitudinal coordinate of 12º11' N. Including islands, the furthest point of extremity in the north is the Isle of Aves. With a latitude of 15º40' N, this point is a bit further north than Cabo San Román.

To the south, Venezuela reaches as far as 00°40' N. The southernmost point sits along the Venezuelan-Brazilian border. More specifically, Venezuela’s most southern point is in the Río Negro Municipality of the state of Amazonas.

The easternmost point of Venezuela is in the Venezuelan state of Delta Amacuro. The longitude of the most extreme point in the east is 59°45' W, which points to a spot along the Caribbean Sea, on the border separating Venezuela and Guyana. In the opposite direction, Venezuela’s most extreme point in the west is in the state of Zulia. Situated on the border between Colombia and Venezuela, the westernmost point has a longitudinal coordinate of 73°20' W.

Venezuela’s Size and Population

32,575,701 people currently live in Venezuela. The population of Venezuela is only a fraction of the world’s population. Venezuela accounts for 0.42% of all people in the world.

Venezuela’s total area is made up of 352,144 square miles of land regions and water areas. Of this entire area, about 340,561 square miles are land and the other 11,583 square miles of water, making it 96.7% land and 3.3% water. The total area of Venezuela ranks as the 32nd largest total area value of all the countries in the world.

For every square mile of Venezuela, there are approximately 93 people. This calculation is referred to as the country’s population density.

Official Name
Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela
Common Name
916,445 km²
Bordering Countries
Brazil, Colombia, Guyana
Calling Code
8, -66
South America
South America, Latin America

Where is Venezuela in the World?

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