Average Shoe Size by Country 2023

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What Is the Worldwide Shoe Size on Average?

The average shoe size of different countries is relatively similar across the world. It has been estimated that the average shoe size for an adult across the world is somewhere between a US size 7 and a US size 8. Keep in mind that the sizes for men and women can be different. Furthermore, there are different ways of calculating shoe size all over the world. Even though this is an average for both men and women, it will vary slightly depending on the calculation you are using and the gender you are using. At the same time, there are still a few countries that have bigger feet (and shoe sizes) than others.

Which Country Has the Person With the Biggest Feet?

Overall, the record for shoe size is widely believed to have been located in Venezuela. This is where the Guinness Book of World Records says the man with the biggest feet is located. The title belongs to Jeison Orlando Rodriguez Hernandez. At the age of twenty, he was measured to have feet that were approximately 16 inches long. This translates to a size 26 shoe on the United States scale. This is significantly larger than the vast majority of people in Venezuela, in the United States, and all over the world. It remains to be seen if someone can beat him when it comes to shoe size.

What Is the Average Shoe Size in Europe?

The average shoe size in Europe is a bit different. In Europe, there is a different scale that is used. The average shoe size of someone in Europe falls somewhere between size 43 and size 46. Remember that this can be calculated differently depending on the scale you are using. Regarding the US scale, this translates to between size 9 and 12. In the United States, the average shoe size is believed to be size 44 on the European scale. This means that there is a significant amount of similarity between the American average shoe size and the European average shoe size.

Which Person Has the Smallest Feet in the World?

It is important to note that it is difficult to calculate the smallest foot size because, for a long time, there were some women living in certain parts of the world who had their feet bound to prevent them from running away. As for the person with the smallest non-bound feet in the world, that title is widely believed to belong to Jyoti Amge. She is from India, and her feet measured only 3.7 inches long. While there might be some people who have beaten her, she is believed to have the smallest feet ever. There are a lot of factors that dictate the size of someone's shoe. Mainly, it is a matter of genetics. Someone who has parents with large feet is more likely to have large feet themselves. If their parents have small feet, they will probably also have small feet.

Average Shoe Size by Country 2023

Average Shoe Size by Country 2023