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Cement Production by Country 2024

Cement is a type of binder that is used to create many types of construction materials. It's a material that isn't typically used on its own, but that is added to other materials to create a hardened substance. Cement is used around the world, but some countries use it more than others. In this article, we will take a closer at which countries are producing the most cement and some of the statistics surrounding the important material.

The country that produces the most cement is currently China. Approximately 2,100,000 metric tons were produced in China during 2022. Surprisingly, that is actually a slight decrease from 2021, when 2,400,000 metric tons were produced in the country. However, the country still produces far more than any other country in the world.

India is the closest country to China in regard to cement production. In 2022, India produced 370,000 metric tons of cement, which is higher than their 2021 production rate of 350,000 metric tons. Vietnam is next on the list with 120,000 metric tons produced in 2022 and 110,000 metric tons produced in 2021.

All the other countries that produce cement fall below 100,000 metric tons, including the United States, which produced 95,000 metric tons in 2022 and 93,000 in 2021. Turkey produced just slightly less than the United States in 2022 and managed to produce 85,000 metric tons. The country produced 82,000 in 2021.

The rest of the top ten cement-producing countries are Brazil at 65,000 metric tons, Indonesia at 64,000 metric tons, Russia and Iran both at 62,000 metric tons, and Saudi Arabia at 54,000 metric tons.

Just as some countries produce a significant amount of cement, others produce smaller amounts. South Korea and Japan, for example, only produced 50,000 metric tons each in 2022, which is the same amount they produced in 2021. Mexico also only produced 50,000 metric tons of cement in 2022, even though they produced 52,000 in 2021. Egypt is also a country that produces cement. In 2022, the country produced 51,000 metric tons worth of cement, which was only 1,000 metric tons more than it produced in 2021.

Another important factor to consider is the overall clinker capacity of a country. Clinker refers to the material that is produced before cement is produced. It is later added to the mix and serves as the binder of the final product. The country that had the most clinker capacity, with 2,000,000 metric tons worth in 2022, was China.

  • Clinker is an intermediate material that is first produced during the manufacture of cement and later added back into the mix to serve as a binder in the final product.
  • In addition to the listed totals, "Other countries" produced an estimated 850,000,000 metric tons of cement and had 600,000,000 tons of clinker capacity.

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2022 Production (KMT)
2021 Production (KMT)
2022 Clinker Capacity (KMT)
2021 Clinker Capacity (KMT)
United States95,00093,000100,000100,000
Saudi Arabia54,00054,00075,00075,000
South Korea50,00050,00062,00062,000

Which country produces the most cement?

China produces the most cement at an estimated 2.1 billion metric tons.

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