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Cobalt Production by Country 2024

Kobalt is one of the most valuable metals in the world. The vast majority of cobalt tends to come from a single place. In particular, the Democratic Republic of Congo is responsible for producing more cobalt than any other country on Earth. Every year, this country produces approximately 100,000 tons of cobalt. It is used in a wide variety of industrial processes, and many of the mines located in this country are owned by Chinese companies.

There are a few other countries that produce a significant amount of cobalt, but none of them produce more than 7,000 tons of cobalt in a single year. Russia produces the second most cobalt in the world, but it only produces 6,100 tons. Some of the other countries that also produce a fair amount of cobalt include Australia, the Philippines, Cuba, Madagascar, Papua New Guinea, and Canada.

What Is Cobalt Used For?

There are several common applications of cobalt. The most common use of cobalt is in a process known as electroplating. It is commonly used in this process because it is highly resistant to oxidation and it is a very durable metal. In addition, cobalt compounds have been used to create a rich blue color. If you have ever seen blue pottery, blue porcelain, blue ceramics, or blue glass, there is a good chance that cobalt was used in this process. Because cobalt is one of the most versatile metals on Earth, it is incredibly valuable.

Does Tesla Rely on Cobalt for its Cars?

In the past, Tesla relied on this compound for its cars. In particular, Tesla cannot produce its electric batteries without it. Because the vast majority of the world’s cobalt is located in a single place, and Chinese companies are responsible for mining most of it, Tesla decided it needed to find another compound that would work well. As a result, Tesla got to work developing a battery that did not depend on cobalt for its success. Today, Tesla no longer relies on cobalt for the production of its cars. This has made it much easier for Tesla to get cars onto the open market more quickly, making their vehicles more accessible to the general public.

Are Wars Fought over the Cobalt Supply?

Even though the United States has not been in any wars in Africa involving cobalt supply in the Congo, plenty of wars have been fought in Africa in the past. In particular, a lot of European countries went to war with one another during the late 19th and early 20th centuries because they had colonized Africa. Even though cobalt was not nearly as valuable back then as it is today, there are wars that have been fought in Africa over this topic. There is still a tremendous amount of violence in Africa, even if there are no countries engaging in open war over the rights to the precious metal. It will be interesting to see what happens next.

  • All other countries and territories combined accounted for cobalt production of 14,700 tons in 2022, 6,500 in 2021, 3,700 in 2019, 2,800 in 2018, 11,400 in 2013, 4,500 in 2008, 2,500 in 2003, and 1,800 in 1998.

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Cobalt Production 2022 (t)
Cobalt Production 2021 (t)
Cobalt Production 2020 (t)
Cobalt Production 2019 (t)
Cobalt Production 2018 (t)
Cobalt Production 2013 (t)
Cobalt Production 2008 (t)
Cobalt Production 2003 (t)
Cobalt Production 1998 (t)
DR Congo111.309386.6078109.4076.6042.5014.805
Papua New Guinea332.902.903.301
New Caledonia21.502.201.702.
South Africa11.201.802.102.3030.600.500.40

Which country produces the most cobalt?

The country that produces the most cobalt is the Democratic Republic of Congo, which is responsible for producing 100K tons of cobalt in a year.

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