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Countries that Celebrate Nowruz 2024

Nowruz, an ancient festival celebrated for over 3,000 years, particularly along the Silk Road, marks the arrival of spring and symbolizes new beginnings. Here's how it is observed in various countries:

  1. General Significance: Nowruz, meaning "new day" in English, is embraced by many ethnicities and religious groups as the start of spring.
  2. Afghanistan: Celebrated as the New Year, it falls between March 21 and 22, symbolizing new life and the rebirth of nature.
  3. Azerbaijan: A traditional festival for the Persian New Year, it includes feasting, gift exchanges, and visiting relatives' graves.
  4. India (Parsi Community): Observed on March 21 as the Parsi New Year. In Northern India, it's also recognized in August.
  5. Iran: Celebrations span 13 days from the spring equinox, including bonfires, food, poetry readings, and sports events.
  6. Kyrgyzstan: Includes public rituals with fire and water, street performances, and is one of the oldest known human festivals.
  7. Kazakhstan: A national holiday from March 21 to 23, marking the new year.
  8. Pakistan: Celebrated by Shia, Ismaili, and some Hazara communities, but not nationwide.
  9. Tajikistan: Known as Khaidir Ayyām or the big feast, focusing on friendship and renewal.
  10. Turkey: Referred to as Nevruz, celebrated on the first day of spring, marking the end of winter.
  11. Turkmenistan: Involves house cleaning, seeking forgiveness, and enjoying time with family and friends.
  12. Other Countries: Nowruz is also celebrated in Iraq, Uzbekistan, Albania, Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Kosovo.

Originally a pagan holiday in Eurasia, Nowruz held sacred significance for Zoroastrians and has evolved to become a widely celebrated event, signifying the rejuvenation of nature and life.

  • As Nowruz is a holiday based upon culture rather than geography, it is likely also celebrated at a local or personal level in additional countries all over the world.

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