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Countries Where Wearing a Burqa is Mandatory 2024

Did you know there are countries where burqa is mandatory? That, of course, leads you to ask which countries those are, right? Well, this is where the story gets interesting because what might be more surprising than countries where the burqa is mandatory is the list of countries where the burqa is banned.

The burqa, also referred to as chadaree, is the face and body covering worn by women of the Muslim faith. While there are religious reasons behind these face coverings, there is also much debate surrounding them.

Countries Where Burqa is Mandatory

There is only one country today where wearing a Burqa is a religious mandate.

Yes, that's it. The only country where Burqa is mandatory is Afghanistan. Now, are you ready for the twist? Here is a look at the countries that have legally banned burqas.

That is 16 countries if you are counting, and the number is growing. These also aren't merely token bans either. Many countries have stiff penalties and fines for those who choose to wear a burqa.

The Burqa Battle

There are a variety of reasons why different countries have chosen to ban the wearing of face coverings. These issues have covered arguments from religious reasons and women's rights to security and safety reasons.

International law appears to support the right to wear a head or face coverings under religious rights of freedom, yet it hasn't prevented a growing number of countries from imposing and enforcing bans on burqas.

If this sounds like a recipe for tension and confrontation, you would be right. Reports from all over the world have continually come in citing situations where women are being denied entry into schools, facilities, or institutions as a result of wearing a burqa.

There are also advocacy groups on both sides of this issue. Where this will end is still a mystery, but it is a good idea to know the laws over burqas for those who adhere to this practice.

Burqas in the US

Burqas are worn by choice in the US, and many women do so to proudly identify with their faith. The 1st Amendment protects the right to wear such religious garments, although women in places like Iran have no options. How you feel about burqas is dependent on how you perceive them, but in some places around the world, law trumps perception and burqas.

  • Discussions of whether a burqa is required attire can be complicated by an unclear understanding of Muslim garb.
  • A burqa is a garment that covers the entire body, including the head.
  • The term hijab, by comparison, can apply to a number of garments that cover the face, including the burqa, niqab, and multiple other variants.
  • In some countries or provinces, a hijab of some type is required by law, but it need not necessarily be a burqa.
  • Conversely, face coverings such as burqas, hijabs, and other forms of mask or veil that obscure recognizable facial features are prohibited in more than a dozen countries.

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Which countries mandate wearing a Burqa?

The only country where wearing a Burqa is currently a religious mandate is the country of Afghanistan.

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