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Countries with Black and White Flags with a Red Stripe 2024

The national flag for Yemen features three horizontal stripes of equal color in black, white, and red. Although green is not included in the flag colors, these three colors are standard in Arab nations, representing the Pan-Arab official colors. Iraq, also an Arab nation, uses a similar stripe pattern with red, black, and white and features green lettering in the middle white stripe. Egypt and Syria also feature a striped flag with white, black, and red. Both of these flags feature a symbol in the center white stripe. Egypt has a crest in gold, while Syria has two green stars in the center stripe.

Trinidad and Tobago has a different patterned flag featuring a black, white, and red flag with stripes. The flag is mostly red but features a diagonal black stripe through the flag's center. The black stripe is bordered by a thin white stripe, extending from the upper left corner to the bottom right corner. This flag was first adopted for use by Trinidad and Tobago in 1962.

What Unofficial Flags are Black and White with a Red Stripe?

While black, white, and red are common features on national flags for various countries and cities, there is also a famous unofficial flag that is black and white with a red stripe. Often, a version of the American flag will be used in monochromatic, black and white imaging. The stripe directly below the traditionally blue rectangle with stars will be highlighted red. This flag is used to represent solidarity with firefighters. The flag can also be used in memory to honor the life of a firefighter that died while performing public duties. Several other variations of this flag are used to represent solidarity with other public services, including police departments, correction officers, EMS workers, or emergency dispatchers. Because these flags are unofficial, everyone is free to use the flag without regulation or restrictions.

What Other Variations Exist for Black, White, and Red Flags?

While not many flags use the red, white, and red stripe design, several flags for both countries and cities will use these colors throughout their flags. It is quite common to have a red and white flag with a black symbol, character, or crest in the center. This flag pattern and coloration is true for many cities' flags, such as Berlin in Germany. Red, white, and black are common colors to use on flags because they represent bravery, victory, and purity.

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Black and White w/Red Stripe
LibyaLY FlagHorizontal stripes of red (top), green (bottom), and black (center, double thick), with a white crescent moon and single five-pointed star in the center.
SyriaSY FlagHorizontal stripes of (from top) red, white, and black with two green five-pointed stars in the center.
IraqIQ FlagHorizontal stripes of (from top) red, white, and black with green "takbīr" (Kufic script saying "God is [the] greatest") in the center.
EgyptEG FlagHorizontal stripes of (from top) red, white, and black with a golden eagls-and-shield emblem in the center.
SudanSD FlagHorizontal stripes of (from top) red, white, and black overlaid by a green triangle aligned with the hoist edge.

How many countries have black and white flags with a red stripe?

Four countries have flags that use stripes of black, white, and red: Yemen, Iraq, Egypt, and Syria.

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