Countries with Red-and-White-Striped Flags 2023

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Which Countries Have a Flag with Red and White Stripes?

Many countries have adopted a flag that features red and white stripes. The stripes can run horizontally or vertically, displaying a bold and prominent bicolor flag. Typically, horizontal stripes are more common. Poland, Monaco, and Indonesia have very similar flags. Each flag with red and white stripes features only one stripe of each color. Poland has a white stripe on top of a red stripe, while Monaco and Indonesia feature a red stripe on top of a white stripe. Indonesia and Monaco's flags only differ in the shade of red used. Monaco has a lighter red, while Indonesia's flag features a deeper red.

Austria is another prominent country to feature a flag with only red and white stripes. This flag is made of three stripes, with two red stripes bounding a middle white stripe. Singapore's flag is very similar to Indonesia's, featuring a red stripe over a white stripe. However, a white symbol featuring a crescent moon and stars is displayed in the upper left corner of the red stripe.

What Variations Exist for a Red and White Striped Flag?

Many other countries feature a red and white striped flag which includes a design or the addition of blue stripes. The flag of the United States is a prime example of a predominantly red and white striped flag that features a blue corner with white stars. Other flags which feature red and white stripes include Liberia and Malaysia.

Another flag variation which includes red and white stripes features a blue triangle bounded to the left of the flag. The point of the triangle then intersects the area between the red and white stripes. This popular flag design is featured on the former flag for Czechoslovakia and the current flag for the Czech Republic. Puerto Rico has a flag design that is similar to this variation.

Still, other red and white flag variations exist, with some countries featuring a crest or symbol within the red and white stripes. Lebanon, Gibraltar, and French Polynesia are great examples of flags that are mostly red and white striped but have the addition of a symbolic crest.

What Do Red and White Symbolize on a Flag?

Flags carry plenty of symbolism and history, and often, the colors used to decorate a flag hold special meaning. According to tradition, white usually represents innocence or purity. The color red can symbolize courage, but it has recently come to represent the blood shed by soldiers and citizens fighting for independence. Red can symbolize boldness or power, particularly popular for countries who have successfully revolted, starting a newly independent country.

Countries with Red-and-White-Striped Flags 2023

Countries with Red-and-White-Striped Flags 2023