Countries without Mosquitoes 2023

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Antarctica is known for being one of the two countries without mosquitos, and this is largely attributed to its harsh climate. It is very difficult for much insect life to thrive here. Mosquitos specifically need a warm and arid climate to thrive in, but can function in almost any climate. Pools of water are also ideal conditions for mosquitos, and the water is too cold for them here.

Antarctica overall is a very dry and windy country, in addition to being very cold. It doesn’t have a habitat that could sustain life of much kind, including people. Some people will come here for research stations and the like, but overall, this is not a land where mosquitos would thrive.

There are some countries with mosquitos that can only handle a few different kinds of species. The Belgica antarctica is the only insect that can survive in this country. This insect is very close to what a mosquito might be, and looks like a mosquito without wings. Despite its name however, it is an insect that doesn’t even bite. That insect as well will live in ice almost year-round and functions well in extremely low temperatures.

Not many insects will. This makes Antarctica one of the two countries without mosquitos. This is not an issue that will come up much, as there are very few people that live here. Nobody notices there aren’t mosquitos, or worries about the threat of mosquito borne disease.


Iceland is the second of two countries without mosquitos, and it has a lot to do with similar climates. Iceland however does have some greenery and some seasonal temperatures that can sustain some insect life, just not mosquitos. Iceland is a beautiful country that sustains human life as well, and is considered a very people-friendly land.

There are a few reasons why mosquitos haven’t found their way here, despite its people-friendly living. They just haven’t reached this country in flight. As such, there is no place to lay their eggs. Adding the climate to their flight issues, the mosquito would have a very difficult time sustaining a life cycle here for even one generation.

Experts keep pointing to the soil as a reason, suggesting its chemical composition is what keeps the mosquitos from travelling here, and staying here. Mosquitos could easily get here some say, but wouldn’t be able to sustain life. They could, in time, evolve with the climate of Iceland and that could still happen. That isn’t likely to manifest in this generation however.

Countries without Mosquitoes 2023

Countries without Mosquitoes 2023