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Engagement Ring Size by Country 2024

Engagement rings are different around the world, and in some cultures, they aren't a part of the marriage process at all. In order to understand the history of engagement rings, we need to go back to the 2nd century BC. During this time, Roman and Egyptian cultures began to use engagement rings as a symbol of ownership--not love.

Engagement rings were far different than the diamonds often used for engagement rings today. Rings of the past were made of bone, copper, flint, or ivory. While engagement rings were used as a symbol of a marriage promise, they were also used to signify business deals, much like two business people today might sign a contract to indicate a partnership.

Egyptians were the first to view the ring as a symbol of eternity. The culture also saw the ring as a symbol of the sun and the moon, both worshipped entities of the time. The ruins of Pompeii held gold engagement rings, making it clear that the white and silver engagement ring fashion of the past had given way to yellow-hued metals.

In 850 AD, Pope Nicholas I stated that engagement rings were a symbol of marriage intent, cemementing the symbolism we hold for engagement rings today. While engagement rings today range from a fraction of a carat to several carats, it's rare to see a man wearing one. This is different from the practice of using engagement rings in ancient times. When the trend of using engagement rings to symbolize an intent to marry became a standard part of marriage culture around the world, men wore engagement rings as well. On the day of the wedding, the groom's and bride's engagement rings were joined with a third band, and the bride wore the set of three as her full wedding band.

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Engagement Ring Size (carats)
Engagement Ring Cost
United States0.95$6,000
Hong Kong0.7$4,000
United Kingdom0.6$2,600

What is the average size of an engagement ring in Europe?

In Europe, the average size of an engagement ring is about 0.5 carats, which is the equivalent of $2,600 in value.

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