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EpiPen Price by Country 2024

When people are talking about an EpiPen, they are referring to an emergency medical device that administers a dose of epinephrine when it is injected into the body. The most common reason why someone would need to use an EpiPen is due to an allergic reaction. Specifically, an EpiPen is administered only in situations of anaphylaxis.

If someone is having an anaphylactic reaction, they need to use an EpiPen to put a stop to the reaction. In a lot of cases, an EpiPen can be life-saving. Importantly, after using an EpiPen, people need to go to the emergency room. That way, they can make sure the reaction does not return. Given that an EpiPen is a life-saving device, there are a lot of people who are concerned about how much an EpiPen costs.

How Much Does an EpiPen Cost in the United States?

In the United States, the price of an EpiPen is estimated to be more than $600. The cost can be incredibly prohibitive, particularly for people who require it. Of note, EpiPens in the United States are typically sold in two-packs. That is not the case in other countries, but the price of an EpiPen in the United States is still many times higher than it is in other countries. Therefore, companies that are responsible for producing them, such as Mylan, have come under a significant amount of scrutiny.

When Did Mylan Become the Main Producer of EpiPens in the United States?

In 2007, Mylan acquired the rights to EpiPen. At that time, the cost for two EpiPens was $109. That price is adjusted for inflation. Since that time, Mylan has raised the price by more than $500. There are a lot of people who believe that Mylan adjusted the price not because it had to but because it wanted to. Given that there are a lot of people who depend on these devices to save their lives, the company has faced a significant amount of criticism. The company has also faced a lot of criticism because the CEO has seen a major pay raise as well.

What Does an EpiPen Cost in Other Countries?

There are plenty of other countries that produce EpiPens, and they are made by other companies. Mylan is not the only company that produces them. For example, in Germany, the price of an EpiPen is approximately $200. In Canada, the price of an EpiPen is approximately $180. In the United Kingdom, the price of an EpiPen is approximately $69. In France, the cost of an EpiPen is approximately $100. It is clear that the cost of an EpiPen in the United States is significantly more than it is in the country, and a lot of people have been pushing drug companies to reduce the cost. There are some people who go without an EpiPen because they cannot afford one, but they also run the risk of dying without it. Therefore, many people are pushing for changes to be made.

  • Prices are converted to US dollars as of 8/24/2023

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Epi Pen Price (USD)
Additional Details
United States$600
Estimate is range: $94-$609
Estimate is range: $80-$150
United Kingdom$60.59
Fixed minimum cost of £47.99
Estimate is range: $30.39-$42.59 (₹2500-₹3500)

Where are EpiPens the most expensive?

People in the United States pay the most for anaphylactic treatment EpiPens. The average cost for two pens in a package is $600 in the US.

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