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Jollibee by Country 2024

Founded in 1975, Jollibee is a popular fast-food restaurant that originated in the Philippines. Jollibee was once just a humble ice cream parlor. But thanks to its truly unique menu offerings and its willingness to adapt to emerging trends and consumer needs, it’s now a global chain with many locations worldwide as of 2023. However, Jollibee’s presence can still vary quite a bit from country to country. Here’s a look at its current availability around the world, as well as some contributing factors that can mean more or fewer Jollibee locations in a given nation.

Countries with the Most Jollibee Locations Worldwide

Other countries with at least a couple of Jollibee locations include Malaysia, Qatar, Kuwait, and Italy. Since it started as a strictly Filipino company, it likewise makes sense that Jollibee has by far the most locations in its home country of the Philippines.

In some cases, Jollibee hasn’t maintained a constant presence in certain countries. For example, it arrived in Kuwait in the 1990s, left again, and then returned during the 2010s. There are also some countries – like China and Taiwan – where the chain ceased operations and has yet to make a return.

Factors Potentially Impacting Distribution of Jollibee Restaurants

Many factors can affect whether or not an international chain decides to set up shop (and to what degree) in a particular country. Here are some examples that may affect the number of available Jollibee locations from country to country.

Cultural Demographics

Despite Jollibee’s growing international appeal, it remains the most popular among Filipino people. In countries with a large Filipino Diaspora, a Jollibee location can provide a nostalgic reminder of the Philippines, leading to the restaurant’s ultimate success.

Cultural Tastes

Cultural preferences and local tastes will also affect the number of Jollibee locations in a particular country. Like many fast-food chains, Jollibee offers adaptive menus that cater to the local tastes and preferences of the local populations it serves worldwide.

Operational Efficiency

Countries capable of providing the reliable supply chains, efficient operations, and prime locations that are ideal for fast-food establishments like Jollibee are more likely to have a Jollibee presence. Operationally efficient locations are also more likely to have multiple stores.

  • In some countries, Jollibee entered the country, then left, then re-entered the country at a later date. For example, Jollibee opened in Kuwait in 1994, closed in 1999, then reopened in 2012. In these instances, multiple dates are listed: the date of initial entry, the exit date, and the date of reintroduction.
  • Jollibee has also started and ceased, but not yet resumed operations in China, Indonesia, the Northern Mariana Islands, Papua New Guinea, and Taiwan.

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# of Stores
First Store Opening Closing
First Re-Opening
Location Of First Re-Opened Store
Philippines1,186June 1978Cubao, Quezon City
Vietnam150October 1996Ho Chi Minh City
United States65June 13, 1998Daly City, California
Canada27December 15, 2016Winnipeg, Manitoba
Brunei17August 22, 1987Bandar Seri Begawan
United Arab Emirates14April 1995-unclearMay 2015Dubai
Singapore14March 12, 2013Orchard Road
Saudi Arabia121995Jeddah
United Kingdom10October 18, 2018London, England
Hong Kong10September 1996-unclear2016Central District
Malaysia8199x-1997December 2018Kota Kinabalu
Qatar6June 22, 2010Doha
Kuwait41994-1999February 25, 2012Kuwait City
Italy2March 18, 2018Milan, Lombardy
Spain1September 23, 2021Madrid, Community of Madrid
Oman1May 5, 2017Muscat
Bahrain11995-unclearSeptember 6, 2015Manama
Macau1June 28, 2018São Lourenço
Guam11996-unclearApril 7, 2019Dededo

How many countries is Jollibee in?

Jollibee Foods Corporation (JFC) is a fast food restaurant that is in 6,500 locations in 19 countries.

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