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Landlocked European Countries 2024

Sixteen European countries are landlocked. Encyclopedia Britannica defines landlocked countries as those that do not border an ocean or lack access to a sea that isn't landlocked.

The landlocked European countries are:

  • Andorra. Andorra is a small country on the Iberian Peninsula that borders France and Spain
  • Hungary. Hungary, also in Central Europe, borders Austria, Slovenia, Slovakia, Ukraine, Austria, Serbia, Croatia, and Romania.
  • Kosovo. Kosovo is an enclave of Serbia in Southeastern Europe. It declared independence from Serbia in 2008 and has since been recognized as a sovereign nation by 102 members of the United Nations.
  • Liechtenstein. Liechtenstein is a tiny country, only about 100 square miles, and is considered a microstate. It is also in Central Europe and borders Austria and Switzerland.
  • San Marino. San Marino is an enclave of Italy. With an area of only about 38.5 square miles, it is a microstate.
  • Serbia. Serbia is in Southeastern Europe. It shares borders with Albania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Romania, Hungary, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Montenegro. Kosovo is enclosed within Serbia.
  • Slovakia. Slovakia is in Central Europe, bordering the Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, Poland, and Ukraine.
  • Switzerland. Switzerland, in western-Central Europe, shares borders with Germany, Italy, France, Austria and Liechtenstein.
  • Vatican City is a sovereign nation within the city of Rome, Italy. Its area is about 27 square miles. It has a population of about 800 people, making it the least populous landlocked nation in the world.
  • Modova's neighbor total does not include the partially recognized territory Transnistria, which is claimed by Moldova and not recognized as sovereign by any United Nations members.
  • North Macedonia's neighbor total includes the partially recognized territory Kosovo, which is claimed by Serbia but recognized as sovereign by 102 of 192 United Nations members.
  • Serbia is bordered by eight neighbor countries, but precisely which eight is open to debate. If one considers Kosovo sovereign, it is the eighth neighbor country. If one considers Kosovo part of Serbia, Albania becomes the eighth neighbor country.

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Bordering Countries
# of Bordering Countries
AndorraFrance, Spain2
AustriaCzechia, Germany, Hungary, taly, Liechtenstein, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland8
BelarusLatvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Ukraine5
Czech RepublicAustria, Germany, Poland, Slovakia4
HungaryAustria, Croatia, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine7
LuxembourgBelgium, Germany, France3
MoldovaRomania, Ukraine2
San MarinoItaly1
SerbiaAlbania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Romania8
SlovakiaAustria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Ukraine5
SwitzerlandAustria, France, Germany, Italy, Liechtenstein5
Vatican City

How many European countries are landlocked?

Sixteen European countries are landlocked, including Austria, Hungary, and Switzerland.

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