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Nickel Production by Country 2024

A 2021 report says that 94 million tons of nickel is present on this earth. You’ll find the largest number in six countries. Nine other countries have the largest nickel production plants in the world.

Top 6 Countries with the Largest Nickel Reserves

1. Indonesia

This country holds 21 tons of nickel in its reserves. This adds up to about 22% of the total worldwide supply known to humans.

2. Australia

Coming in at second most in the world, Australia holds 21% of the world’s major known nickel reserve. They have access to about 20 million MT.

3. Brazil

This country has about 16 million tons of nickel in it, making it the third largest supplier of this material in the world.

4. Russia

Russia doesn’t have nearly as large of a supply as other countries, but it still comes in at fourth. This top-five largest nickel reserve holds 7% of the known global nickel supply.

5. Cuba

This country holds the fifth largest supply of nickel in the world. It houses 6% of the global share.

6. Philippines

The Philippines has more than 30 nickel mines holding 4.8 MT of this metal. This country mines in the Taganito, Rio Tuba, Cagdianao, Carrascal and Adlay Cagdianao Tandawa locations.

Top 9 Nickel Producing Countries

1. Indonesia

This country produces more than a million metric tons (MT) of nickel in 2021. This figure has jumped from its 2017 mark of 345,000 MT.

Much of what the country processes ends up in EV batteries, which China makes for its electric vehicles. The island of Sulawesi, as well as in the North Maluku province, is where much of the nickel production takes place.

2. Philippines

This country has produced as high as 420,000 metric tons of nickel in 2019. The average amount processed usually ranges from about 340,000-370,000 MT per year. It may reach a goal of 500,000 MT produced by 2025. The country processes quite a bit of its supply in Surigao del Norte in Caraga.

It has at times produced more than Indonesia and may again because of 2020 bans. The Philippines has 12 new metal mine plans in the works as of 2022, most of which are for nickel.

3. Russia

The country’s mine production has hit 250,000 MT in 2021 but has climbed as high as 272,000 in 2018. It plans to expand its systems to produce even more with increased goals for 2030.

It’s the top source of nickel in Europe, and it also mines and produces copper, palladium and platinum. One of its major operation areas is in the Arctic Norilsk region. However, some activity does take place in Kun-Manie, Siberia and Krasnoyarsk Krai.

4. New Caledonia

This area produces about 190,000 MT of nickel per year. It has reached as high as 220,000 in 2019. It prefers to keep the domestic supply for its refining and smelting industries, which provide them with income. It has, however, exported some of its nickel to China, which did put them a little bit at risk economically.

Five More Countries

The rest of the nine countries that produce the most nickel around the world include these five: Australia (160,000-180,000 MT), Canada (130,000-180,000 MT), China (120,000 MT), Brazil (100,000 MT) and The United States (18,000 MT).

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Production (tons)
Reserves (tons)
New Caledonia190,000
South Africa31,800
United States18,0006.3M

Which country produces the most Nickel?

At 1 million tons produced annually, Indonesia isn't just the largest producer of nickel but is also the country with the largest nickel reserve.

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