Proposed Countries 2022

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Although the small area is technically part of Papua New Guinea, it has been striving for independence for some time now. In 2019 98% of the inhabitants voted for freedom, but the Covid-19 pandemic has halted these efforts. Still, the area of Bougainville recognizes itself as a unique and independent area of Papua New Guinea. Future recovery from the pandemic will outline this proposed country's future.

Donetsk People's Republic

This small area in Ukraine mainly functions as an independent state already, although there is significant turmoil and conflict in the area. If the small region of Donetsk People's Republic does not gain complete independence as a new country, it may choose to join the Russian Federation to the west.

New Caledonia

Technically this small territory overseas belongs to France, but that may soon change as one of the most recently proposed countries. This small area has long been fighting for independence. A 2018 vote for independence was defeated, but a recent 2020 vote for independence was lost by just a small margin. Another vote is scheduled in 2022 for independence.


Part of Syria, this small region has been long fighting both the Syrians and ISIS. Embroiled with turmoil, Rojava may be the closest the world has seen to a genuinely anarchist state. With its unconventional political style, Rojava is poised to be a front-runner for change and new governance. This proposed country will continue to be a hot topic of debate and discussion as the residents continue to fight for independence.


Even though this small island has its own football team, currency, and passport, they are still technically part of the British Empire. The small island has long fought for independence to become its own country. With the amount of tourism and gross domestic product this country manages to export every year, maintaining an independent country's status should be easy.

West and East Libya

The United States recently invaded Libya attempting to spread democracy. Attempts have failed and have resulted in a split country divided between a Western and Eastern side. The most likely outcome is that the country will split into two rival and competing nations. Many political analysts predict that Libya will end up looking very similar to how Somalia looks today, with two distinct areas hotly contested from one another.


One of the four nations that make up Micronesia Chuuck is by far the most successful. This small but highly wealthy and profitable country has long been championing independence. However, gaining independence may be tricky. This tiny island is still technically an American colony, so reaching a vote may be laden with red tape. There are plans to have an independence vote soon, pending the United States does not intervene.

Proposed Countries 2022

Proposed Countries 2022